Since he began practicing in 2008 in Dallas, Texas, Dr. Waters has been passionate about helping his patients’ live full, active lives. Though he enjoyed having a successful practice in Dallas, he was looking for a less hectic schedule, so he and his wife Rachael chose Fountain and set up their chiropractic care center here in 2014. As a Mason and Shriner, Dr. Waters also wanted to be in a community where he could remain involved in these societies. He also served in the Unites States Marine Corp, so practicing in Fountain was highly appealing as he wanted to help the large military community here.

Our Practice Philosophy

“We want to improve the quality of life within this community, and improve the quality of life of those in Fountain and Widefield,” says Dr. Waters. It’s important to understand that at Fountain Chiropractic & Wellness Center, we’re not a pain-based clinic. Yes, we will help you find relief from pain, but it’s more about helping patients experience a higher quality of life. “I’m going to get you to where you can do the things in life you want. My hope for my patients is that they see me as little as possible, enjoy their lives, and prosper.”

From Pain Relief to Better Health

Though we don’t focus on simply pain relief, we do find that most of the people who come into the practice are in pain. They often look at Dr. Waters as their last hope as other practitioners have been unable to help them with their particular problem. Patients often discover to their delight that, in addition to fixing the problem that they came in with, they end up experiencing many other benefits that arise following chiropractic care. These may include better sleep and improved digestion.

Dr. Waters educates his patients as to what’s happening in their body, why their pain was there and why it’s gone now.

Miracle Stories

One of our patients with cerebral palsy had intense amounts of pain. She used to see Dr. Waters at his former practice in Dallas. She now flies to Colorado from Dallas to receive care from him. Through continued care, she got to the point where she had no pain, no incontinence, and could walk straight.

Another case that stands out is that of a young child who had constant seizures. Dr. Waters got her from lying down to seated to being able to interact without any seizures. He used chiropractic, herbs and neurotransmitters to fix the underlying issue.

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