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Fountain Chiropractic & Wellness Center Reviews

Janine says

“I so loved the care that I received from Fountain Chiropractic Wellness Center, while visiting in Colorado for a week. Dr Waters and his team were truly wonderful -caring, kind, thorough, sensitive to my individual needs and willingly went the extra mile. Amazingly, in spite of quite a bit of regression, Dr. Waters, through intense and thorough and specific adjustments, was able to bring me to a place of no pain and almost no incontinence issues. I was also able to stand straight and walk while holding onto my walker with almost a normal gait. I highly recommend chiropractic care in this office to everyone no matter what your problem. FCWC will help your body heal and help you to maximize your health potential. Thank you so much for all you did for me! I look forward to coming back asap.”

Courtney says

“When I first heard about chiropractic care I was skeptical. Nothing else had worked and I didn’t think popping my neck was really going to do anything for me, but it has and I am telling everyone about it! As far as Dr Waters and the team at Fountain Chiropractic goes, they’re all great. It’s hard not to smile when I walk in the door, everyone is so friendly!”

Judith says

“I like the fact that Dr Waters uses various therapies to address my specific needs. He is a very knowledgeable chiropractor and ensures that my adjustment targets my weaknesses to encourage my body to heal and become stronger.”

Karen M says

“I love Dr Waters. He is very knowledgeable and he treats each patient as an individual. He doesn’t run you through like cattle. He will give you what your body needs. If it takes 5 minutes, or if it takes 30 minutes his goal is your health and wellness! Angela is as sweet as they come!”

Nicole H says

“Dr Waters is an amazing person. He takes a fresh approach to his patients care.”

Sarah says

“The office staff has made me feel very welcome. When I called with a concern Dr. Waters came to the phone and took the time to speak with me. I have felt he is concerned with how I’m doing not just getting me in the door more than needed. I love the text and email reminders!”

Courtney says

“I love when the team tells me how good I look when I know I look horrible – Hah! No, the experiences I’ve had at the clinic are always enjoyable.

Judith says

“Dr Waters addressing my specific health needs; listening to my concerns and not doing the same thing (treatment adjustment) over & over again when it may not be effective. I like the fact that Jarod specializes in Neurological Chiropractic Care and can treat my Neuralgia.”

Paul says

“Kindness: Angela’s service is great. Completes the circle for any business. The sign in screen is awesome providing easy/better in processing. The detailed treatment more efficient results.”

Conrad says

“Everything is going great! My progress is really picking up!! Day in and day out I’m finding Dr Waters adjustments and therapies refreshing.”

Nicole says

“I have been working in call centers for 10 years and didn’t know how much abuse my back & neck were taking. I feel amazing after just a few visits.”

Stephanie says,

“I found the interaction with the staff extremely positive. Coming in there with no expectations, I was pleasantly surprised. I’ve been to many, many, doctors over the past few years, all of them telling me there was nothing wrong; that they couldn’t find a cause for my back pain. Dr. Jarod did nothing of the sort. He confirmed there was a problem and told me that he could fix me. Totally awesome!”

Courtney says,

“The results I’ve had have been amazing to say the least! From the first visit to just two weeks later I’m no longer in extreme pain and can start my life again. The chiropractic wellness has changed my life drastically. I am truly grateful that I was able to find this office!”

Sarah says,

“After months of pain and not sleeping well I feel so relieved. My family has noticed a complete turnaround in my mood. I am able to rest at night, pick up my two little ones and enjoy life again.”

Judith says,

“Coming to Dr Waters has improved the strength in my lower back. Also reduced the pain and discomfort associated with Trigeminal Neuralgia.”

Melody says,

“I love Fountain Chiropractic & Wellness Center, Jarod makes sure my pain needs are reduced as much as possible.”

Heidy says,

“I feel like I can do all the things I couldn’t like running, lifting, bending. I don’t have headaches and it is an amazing feeling!”

Karen says,

“I come for maintenance. If I have an acute incident I come in. It helps me maintain my health. Because Dr W explains specifically, he pointed out issues & deficiencies I hadn’t considered. It helped me develop a protocol.”

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